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Shari Howe, Licensed Massage Therapist
The Soma Institute, Chicago IL (2009)

Over the years I have been practicing massage therapy I have taken many classes and have worked with a variety of clients. I have learned how to really listen to my clients with my ears and my hands. I believe that your body knows what it needs to heal. I am here to help facilitate healing. 

I studied at Whitney Lowe's Clinical Massage Academy. I also studied Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. 

I have taken some specialized prenatal massage courses and love working with prenatal clients. Being the mother of two, I remember how special this time is. I have special bolstering and positioning options where my prenatal clients are able to lay face up (on semi-reclined table)  and face down. Massage in the first trimester are not recommended and you must be at least 12 weeks along to receive a massage.

I have always seemed to have connected well with my senior clients. I love working with this population and helping them to enjoy this time in their lives with less pain. 

I can do a relaxing, Swedish massage with great fluidity. I also enjoy working with specific issues and ailments with a deep tissue massage using an appropriate amount of pressure according to the client's needs. I believe that the clients should own their massage sessions and I will help you customize every part of it to make it the best possible. 


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