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Service Upgrades


Before the session begins we will discuss your needs and preferences to customize your service. 


​​I offer these free upgrades to your session:


Relaxing hot towels throughout the session on areas such
as the back, on the feet, under the neck, and on the face.


Add Synergy hot stones to your massage.The deep
heat is relaxing and helps melt muscle tension away.

Fire cupping originated in China and is commonly used by acupuncturists. Cupping has been shown to reduce inflammation, provide pain relief and relaxation, and reduce muscle tension. I recommend cupping for areas of chronic tension and have seen it be really beneficial for some clients!





Aromatherapy in a massage just takes the whole experience to another level. There are many ways to incorporate essential oils to a massage session. One way is adding the essential oils right into the massage oil. Putting essential oils with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties right on the muscles enhances the effectiveness of the massage. I like to use a grounding/balancing essential oil on the feet. Another way I can use essential oils is putting a tranquil relaxing blend in the diffuser to breathe in throughout the session. I can add a "breathe easy" essential oil near the face rest while laying face down to open up the airways and prevent stuffiness. I use Eden's Garden essential oils. They have been voted the #1 best non-MLM essential oil company for the past three years.

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